Pilibaba Parters with Tally Weijl

Aiming to offer an innovate, sexy, splendid and full of personality series of attires to Chinese consumers, Tally Weijl chooses to parter with Pilibaba for their first step to the world’s biggest consuming market. Check out more in Pilibaba.com or Tally-Weijl.com.

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Pilibaba and DERMAdoctor are aiming to provide Chinese consumers a professional skin care solution

Pilibaba has announced the partnership with DERMAdoctor, a popular skin care brand that provides accessible, effective, non-prescription skincare solutions today’s skin savvy consumers. The brand’s targeted, problem-solving products, fuses dermatological treatments with luxury cosmeceuticals will bring Chinese consumers a revolutionary skin care experience.


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Blackmore, the Australian’s #1 health care and supplements brand, has partnered with Pilibaba!

Blackmore, the Australian’s #1 health care and supplements brand, has partnered with Pilibaba! It definitely provides more option for the Chinese consumers to shop for health care and supplement products.

According to reports, the market scale of China’s nutritional health products and supplement has more than 600 billion. Chinese people are looking forward to get high quality products from top brands like Blackmore.

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