A unique oversea shopping experience for Chinese consumers

“Oversea shopping abuse me thousands of times , but I still regard it as my first love”, this sentence indicates the sweet and bitter part of oversea shopping. We love oversea shopping. But the myriad cheating from shopping agent, insecure transfer shipping, long waiting and more are undermining our confidence in oversea shopping.

Oversea shopping is not an order in China and a product marked as overseas. It is a real experience of browsing your favorable products from different official brand sites. Pilibaba is renovating the whole way of oversea shopping, providing you a safe, simple, fast experiences to shop for your favorable products overseas.

  • It is my decision: choosing my own e-stores and select my favorable products.


  • Pay through Pilibaba with RMB; direct shipment from e-retailers
  • Quality assurance from official brand sites
  • Exclusive offers and discount from Europe, America and all around the world; only for Pilibaba members


  • 10-15 days products arrival guaranteed

Pilibaba, leader in oversea shopping, is your reliable partner to shop overseas. A lot of surprise is coming from Pilibaba with increasing number of brands and exclusive member offers.

Pilibaba is a leading Chinese company that helps global e-retailers expanding eCommerce to China and provide the safest, easiest way for Chinese consumers to shop overseas.


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