Why oversea shopping is so flourishing in China?

Why oversea shopping is so flourishing in China?

First and foremost, Chinese economy is growing so fast and consumers’ shopping power is becoming more stronger.


Second, product quality and safety has been a major issues why Chinese consumers prefer to shop overseas rather than in the land.

Third, it is a trend that the whole world market is becoming more as a one market for people all over the world.

Pilibaba and DERMAdoctor are aiming to provide Chinese consumers a professional skin care solution

Pilibaba has announced the partnership with DERMAdoctor, a popular skin care brand that provides accessible, effective, non-prescription skincare solutions today’s skin savvy consumers. The brand’s targeted, problem-solving products, fuses dermatological treatments with luxury cosmeceuticals will bring Chinese consumers a revolutionary skin care experience.


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Pilibaba company name decode

Lots of our clients asked what is the name of Pilibaba come from. Pilibaba, like thundering papa in Chinese, means very fast, powerful, reliable, protectable and more. Pilibaba is here to solve any problems you may encounter in oversea shopping. Our one stop solution gives you full of surprise, protection, efficiency and credibility.

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Pilibaba is a leading Chinese company that helps global e-retailers expanding eCommerce to China and provide the safest, easiest way for Chinese consumers to shop overseas.