Pilibaba Announces Its Partnership with Prestashop

A great news now to announce is that Pilibaba checkout for China – the ever most simplest way to sell to China is available on PrestaShop!  And it’s FREE! All you need to do is to enable the pre-installed module on your back-office and you are JUST one-click away from the Greater China Market. (Pre-installed on PrestaShop 1.5 to 1.6, FREE Plug-in for PrestaShop 1.5 to 1.6 are available on marketplace.) Here you will have everything offered from payment to marketing, logistics and even more.

Once you enable Pilibaba Module, your store will be upgraded to:

  1. Get integration with PilibabaPay supported by UnionPay / AliPay / Wechat Payto cover all user demands.
  2. Get clear guaranteed landed price checkout pagein Chinese.
  3. Get Customs Compliance with all orders to avoid being returned.
  4. Get free marketing support -traffic generation in China market, tailored designed marketing package to greatly improve your brand recognition.
  5. Get products descriptions in Chineseand localized introduction page of your products to raise conversion.
  6. Get domestic logistics support -shipping to a Pilibaba designated domestic warehouse with efficient re-label.Pilibaba handles customs clearance and door-to-door delivery anywhere in China professionally and efficiently.
  7. Get free mandarin after-sale and pre-sale serviceteam to guarantee 100% customer satisfaction.

Pilibaba serves those better online merchants with the most competitive, easiest and lowest-cost tool to reach Greater China market.


Pilibaba CEO Keen Sun

Meanwhile we help 300million e-shoppers in China to find a easy, fast and cost-saving way to purchase from overseas,to enjoy trust-able and fashionable way of shopping.It would be an innovation monument in cross-border e-commerce.

Pilibaba will be your most considerate partner in the way of sale to China. Take just 1 minute to enable and get all easy stuff for free installment! Pilibaba 24/7 technician will be available and an account manager will offer personal help to all your queries. http://addons.prestashop.com/en/22443-1-click-sell-all-in-one-solution-to-china-pilibaba.html


Pilibaba Helps Marketing for Our Cooperated Overseas Merchants

Seckill activity with products on sale provided by Pilibaba in China receives robust responses.


Pilibaba works hard to provide intensive marketing services for our cooperated overseas merchants, the activity of which runs well when it is launched. The activity includes Daily Special and Weekly Special where 8 to 20 products have been selected elaborately by Pilibaba once a week with by means of providing discount coupons.


In addition, various popular platforms like Weibo (just like the Twitter),WeChat,e-mails,messages,forums and others have been posted our sales products and related information to advertise the our cooperated merchants’ products.Admittedly,the network of social media in China have a great impact on Chinese customers and our promotion is a good beginning and will be better in the future.


Pilibaba will always be by your side to assist you to do marketing in China. Nothing except on-click installation of Pilibaba Payment can you add more orders from China easily.


Pilibaba’s New Achievements

Great Achievements have been made during Pilibabas visit to European and American merchants–many overseas e-commerce sites showed a strong wish to cooperate with Pilibaba


Since the middle of June, Pilibaba overseas development team has brought down curtain on our 15 days’ visit to Europe and America merchants.

Pilibaba not only attended the world largest e-business exhibition-IRCE in Chicago, America, but also had an offline meeting with X-Cart managers as a sponsor. Many e-commerce sites from France, German, Netherlands and other countries have an initial intent to cooperate with us.


Europe: Hundreds of e-commerce sites are expected to integrate with Pilibaba at the end of this year


Pilibaba has held business negotiations with many France fashion brands and websites at the beginning of this trip. One of the world famous brands- Christian Louboutin has shown his initial intent to cooperate with us thus to make Chinese consumers experience the charm of France fashion by paying in RMB directly.


intial intent for cooperation have been made between Christian Louboutin and Pilibaba

Christian Louboutin opened his namesake high-heeled shoes label in 1992 and shoot to fame once came into the market. His high-heeled shoes are colorful and exotic which were described as “the best one besides the mainstream fashion”.The most outstanding sign is its red sole, which make Christian Louboutin popular among many pop stars and royal families. Consumers will never decrease even its price was higher than $500USD per pair.


Pilibaba also attended German e-commerce platform Shopware exhibition. Shopware is one of the popular e-commerce platform, which provides e-commerce templates and other services for many merchants.


Communication between Pilibaba overseas supervisor and our partner

Until now, PIlibaba has achieved initial intent of cooperation with several  German merchants and European service providers who focus on payment, logistics and marketing. It is expected for Pilibaba to integrate with hundreds of overseas websites at the end of 2016.


Communication between Pilibaba overseas development team and PretaShop图片4.png

Pilibaba’s CEO Keen Sun at PrestaShop



What’s more, the local well-known e-commerce platform Sting in Netherlands is willing to cooperate with PiIlibaba in the future. Between the mutual communication, Pilibaba is expected to instruct more Chinese consumers to shop abroad paying by RMB and enjoy direct mail services to look for overseas cooperation, the idea of which has well received by many overseas merchants.


America: Finalizing the Cooperation with Many Overseas Merchants in International Exhibition


After visiting Europe, Pilibaba overseas development team went to Orlando, America with no delay and attended the offline meeting with X-Cart as a sponsor of it.


Communication between Pilibaba overseas superviser and X-Cart founder

PiIlibaba overseas superviser delivered a detail presentation and active interaction Q&A about our company’s corporate culture, scope of business, operating procedure and so on. Through deep negotiation, many merchants have shown initial intent to cooperate with us.


Pilibaba delivered a presentation at the offline X-Cart meeting as a sponsor

Then, PIlibaba went to Chicago and attended the global e-commerce exhibition IRCE.


Pilibaba overseas supervisor attended Chicago IRCE exhibition

The full name of IRCE is Internet Retailer Conference and Exhibition, the world largest e-commerce business exhibition, has a history of ten years. Nearly ten thousand e-commerce professionals will attend IRCE. What’s more, hundreds of exhibitors here have offered various kinds of services and products, which provide a comprehensive range of support for business insider.


Communication between Pilibaba’s CEO Keen Sun and Miva in IRCE

PiIlibaba overseas development team knew a range of overseas supervisors of popular e-commerce websites and platforms and made happy business negotiation with them,finalizing the initial intent of cooperation.

Great achievements have been made by Pilibaba’s visit to Europe and America at the moment. In the future, more overseas merchants will integrate with Pilibaba payment tool as well as more Chinese consumers will have easy access to RMB cross-border settlement,and direct mail services.


What the users need to do is to log on Pilibaba website(wwww.pilibaba.com) and the the web page can skip to overseas websites to place your order, which has solved many overseas-shopping problems like failure to pay by RMB, cross-border direct mail or trouble of writing in English. Arguably, the innovative business mode is belonged to domestic initiation and are welcomed warmly by overseas merchants. Several new merchants from Japan,Australia,England have integrated Pilibaba payment at the time of writing.