Pilibaba has Released Its Mobile Version Last Week

A good news to announce is that Pilibaba has released its mobile version last week.

As we all know, mobile shopping, in all its forms, is growing exponentially. Chinese consumers of all ages use their mobile device for shopping on-the-go, making more-frequent mobile payments, and connecting to other sales channels (for instance, researching products and services on their phone while standing in a physical store). This explosion of mobile usage offers challenges and opportunities to retailers and Pilibaba is racing to provide reliable, always-on access to a new retail experience.


 Researching and Browsing Products and Services on a Mobile Device, by Age Group



Age Group


Cross-channel Consumer Survey

(November  2009)


Consumer Shopping Behaviors Benchmark Survey

(July  2010)

Mobile Trends: Consumer Views of Mobile Shopping and Mobile Service Providers Survey

(December  2010)

18–34 41% 55% 60%
35–54 23% 39% 44%
55 and older 19% 22% 36%
Overall 27% 37% 48%

(Source by oracle.com)


As is shown above, people are indicating a desire to make payments on their mobile devices. While younger consumers are more likely to want mobile payment options, this demand is also gaining traction as older mobile phone users.

In order to truly leverage the digital landscape to meet the expectations of our customers. Pilibaba is working hard with the migration of audiences (customers) to mobile.

Big news is that Pilibaba has launched its mobile-friendly wap version.


What’s more, the newest search function has also on the screen, with which people can search with great convenience by items’ brands, key words and tags.


QQ图片20160729180443 QQ图片20160729180449

Pilibaba is a technical company from China providing a unique combined Payment & Logistics solution to overcome the barriers of cross-border eCommerce to China market. By using Pilibaba all-in-one gateway, merchants can sell to 1.3Bn Chinese customers with their existing online store instantly.

Pilibaba founded in Aug,2014 by CEO Keen Sun Jian and was invested by Jiangsu State government, 7seasVC (founded by former Tencent CTO-Jeff Xiong and former Sina CTO-Jack Xu)  and one China famous family fund.

Pilibaba is the stategy partner of China Unionpay International;

Pilibaba gateway has signed contract to pre-installed on Prestashop, Opencart, X-cart and Demandware platforms. Which will cover 400K+ live websites in 100+countries in the coming few months.

Pilibaba always welcomes you to join us.

Pls contact  marketing@pilibaba.com


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