Pilibaba-a new platform enabling western retailers to expand eCommerce to China in minutes

Pilibaba is a leading Chinese company that helps global eCommerce companies to expand eCommerce business in China. We bring Chinese customers to global e-retailers’ official website to place orders directly via our “hotsale” page which could reach hundreds of orders per day. http://www.pilibaba.com/hotSale

Our smart API improves your website with Chinese-friendly shopping experience via solving the payment and cross-border transportation issues, which are main concerns of Chinese consumers shopping overseas.

At the same time, we are seeking ways to help protect brands like you from counterfeit and fake products. So that your ownership of the brand value by partnering with Pilibaba could be protected in China.

Here comes a chart demonstrating different user-experience with/without Pilibaba for Chinese shoppers. With Pilibaba, Chinese consumers could browse and shop their products directly from global e-retailers official sites.

pilibaba solution comparing to normal shopping procedure

Pilibaba is a leading Chinese company that helps global e-retailers expanding eCommerce to China and provides the safest, easiest way for Chinese consumers to shop overseas.