Pilibaba Parters with Tally Weijl

Aiming to offer an innovate, sexy, splendid and full of personality series of attires to Chinese consumers, Tally Weijl chooses to parter with Pilibaba for their first step to the world’s biggest consuming market. Check out more in Pilibaba.com or Tally-Weijl.com.

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Pilibaba’s trip in England Part II

More pictures to be shared in the China-UK Business Matchmaking event in England:

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Pilibaba’s trip in England Part I

Our CEO and marketing director is visiting existing partners and prospects. It is great success in the trip. We will share more later.

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Pilibaba is entering Switzerland

Chinese consumers could soon shop for one of the best skin care brands in Switzerland, Adu Cosmetic. Their products will definitely create a brand-new skin care experiences for Pilibaba members.

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Caroline Chu is ready for Pilibaba members

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Pilibaba WeChat Account Launch

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